Gro Intelligence Website Audit

Sr. UX/UI Designer

Gro Intelligence is a data analytics company that leverages artificial intelligence to provide insights on global agricultural markets and climate conditions, aiming to improve decision making in the agriculture sector. Prior to my involvement, Gro revamped it's marketing website and branding through collaboration with several outside firms.

GFC Mobile Revamp

UX/UI Designer + Researcher

GoFreeCredit (GFC) provides credit monitoring services through partnerships with companies like TransUnion and Experian. ImportantScore (IS), a property that exists under the GFC banner, was under-performing in comparison to other GFC products. The copy and graphics emphasized FICO Scores and ease of use, with a color palette influenced by IS’s logo design.


Live Richer Rebrand

In-house branding project

Collaboratively led project with Social Media Manager, in an effort to refresh stagnant social media presence across GoBankingRates' accounts and channels. Utilized preexisting company-owned trademarked phrase ("Live Richer") to imbue content and branding with personality, as well as expedite the redesign due to a strict deadline. Led to an increase in audience size and sustained engagement, as well as GBR site traffic and ad revenue.

Social Media

Static & animated posts

Selection of design work for social media channels. Bespoke content designed with input from design, marketing, and social media teams. Drove engagement across the board, both in terms of ad revenue and site traffic, in addition to being used by more well known partners for nationwide campaigns, email outreach, etc.

Chase Union Square Takeover

Contract work for Droga5

Ads designed as part of a larger Chase Sapphire campaign (via Droga5). Collaborated closely with another designer to create ads for every placement within the 14th Street–Union Square station. This included verticals, turnstiles, animated triptychs, etc., which amounted to over 150+ individual designs. Worked closely with different departments to ensure cohesion across the campaign, as well as printers to guarantee seamless hand-off of final files.

Editorial Illustration

Digital and print publications

Collection of work with input from various stakeholders, designed to enhance engagement and add visual appeal. These pieces acted as key communication tools, facilitating the connection between diverse groups and improving project outcomes.




I'm Ian, a UX/UI designer and illustrator based in NYC. Frequent cross-team collaborator and diligent problem solver, I'm passionate about human-centered design, editorial illustration, and elegant solutions. When I'm not drawing or designing, you can find me at art museums, concerts, or skating to the nearest brewery.